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~ Anyone in San Diego can participate~


  1. Sign up for the competition at the center or via email at

  2. Pick one of your favorite Ayahs from the Quran (keep it short!)

  3. Create an art poster that includes that Ayah in Arabic, in a creative way

  4. Also include the English translation of the Ayah somewhere on your poster

  5. Include Islamic art patterns in your poster

  6. Prepare to present your poster in an exhibit; be sure to mention:

    1. what ayah you chose & it’s translation

    2. why it is meaningful to you

    3. how your poster represents your ayah/ how you came up with your idea


Exhibit details:

  • Exhibit will be held at Al Nour Center on January 28th, 11:30 AM

  • Community members will vote→Top 3 contestants will receive a prize

  • A selection of the artwork will be displayed at the center!


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