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About us

Our goal is to empower our community through acquiring all necessary knowledge; learn life skills, network with others, and project a positive image.



To promote peaceful, healthy, productive, cooperative communities of multicultural backgrounds that can be a prototype for others to follow.




Planning and implementing programs that enhance education, mental, physical, social and economic vital skills to benefit multicultural communities and build bridges of understanding.




  • After School & Weekend Education: Quran, Arabic, Other languages, Calligraphy, Art, Poetry, Science, History, Cultures/Traditions, Finance, legal, Community Empowerment, Ethics, Academics, Philanthropy, etc.

  • Youth Activities: Social events, sports clubs, outings, personal/career development, talent search, etc.

  • Counseling: Career, Mental Health, Physical Health, Financial, Legal, Etc.

  • Community Outreach: Multi-cultural events, programs and activities

  • Children Library

  • Tutoring Center

  • Trading Forum

  • Arabic Learning Centers for Adults

  • Link up with Islamic centers/Institutions worldwide

  • Link up with universities, colleges and other education institutions

  • Link up with financial institutions for unique mixed use developments

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